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What am i?! What am i doing?!
Sunday, January 13, 2008
ironically "what am i?" and "what am i doing?" have been the questions on my mind these past few days.
chalk it up to quarter-life-crisis i guess.
and then i saw this...

annoying at first but after a while it gets funny...REALLY funny. =)


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I Am "Will" (Smith) - contains spoilers, skip this post if you haven't seen the movie yet
Thursday, January 03, 2008

First, I gotta say, whatever movie, whatever genre, if it's Will's friggin' awesome!

Loosely based on a 50's novel also called "I Am Legend" the movie deals with Will Smith's character "Robert Neville" as he (and the movie audience) goes through a number of emotions as the monotony of his solitary life suddenly crumbles to the point of almost paralyzing fear.

The "abandoned bank" scene had me holding my breath the entire time! I didn't know if I should be more scared for "Robert" or his dog "Sam."

That is until I saw the "mutated victims"...
Puhleeeeze! I thought it was I-Robot part 2!
They should've stuck with actual human actors regardless of the "mutants" seeming like the monsters in those "28 days" films.

But putting that teeny criticism aside, like I said, Will Smith, as always, gave another stellar performance.

From his quips (probably an attempt to lighten the dark ominous feel of the movie), to his conversations with his dog "Sam," to when he had to euthanize "Sam" when she got infected (that scene just killed me!).

You just feel every single bout of emotion he's feeling in a particular scene.

Now, I can't help but compare this film to another movie, and nope, not the "28 days" movies despite its numerous similarities but more of "War of the Worlds" the Tom Cruise version.

Three-fourths of sheer terror and then... poof!
The movie all of a sudden makes you go "huh?!"

For "War of the Worlds," it's the tripods sudden death for no apparent reason (until Morgan Freeman narration explained it) and for "I Am Legend" it's the sudden appearance of other human beings.

I was anticipating the appearance of other non-infected humans I just felt that the storyline kinda went downhill from there.

Eh! But that's just me.

But I would like to stress once again how well Will Smith did in this movie.
If anything, see the movie for him.

By the way, what is it with the song "Three Little Birds" and Will Smith?
It's like his unofficial anthem! I mean first on "Shark Tale" and now on "I Am Legend" too. Oh well, at least I got a little history lesson on why "the great Bob Marley" is so great.

Oh and kudos to Will Smith's kid Willow Smith for her short but cute stint in the film. I guess the Smith kids got their parents' acting genes.

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my newest guilty pleasures
Tuesday, January 01, 2008
well, looks like i'll be downloading some new stuff on isohunt...


it's a relatively new show on etc, started mid-2006 on tbs.
about a tomboyish female sportswriter in her late 20's with a set of sports fanatic male friends. the show focuses on the usual... life, love and dating then throw in a little sports analogies here and there.

my take on it...
i didn't get the sports talk at first (well, i still don't get the sports talk) but after watching a couple of hilarious scenes with jim gaffigan (and after noticing how hot reid scott was) i got hooked.
the show is funny, smart and while it's not totally laugh-out-loud funny, it has it's moments, like the "douche-bag intervention" (one of my favorite episodes so far). and i can totally relate to the female lead with regards to interests (not sports though) and her level of maturity at her age, which is from about zero to none.
but despite the show being an in-between season replacement for the cool shows and its underratedness (is this even a word) it had its share of well-knows guest stars. so far ryan reynolds, jeremy sisto, johnny galecki and even scrubs regulars neil flynn (the janitor) and travis schuldt (keith) as well as 30 rock's "kenneth" stopped by.

right now the show just ended it's 1st season with a cliffhanger that is killing me and no news about when the 2nd season will start due to the writers strike.


fondly dubbed "GG" by it's fans (for me though Gilmore Girls was and always will be the only GG).
i'm not exactly proud to admit that i actually like watching this show. but while a lot of people are tuning in coz of the love lives of the young 'uns i tune in to find out what happens among the adults in the show. i really want 'rufus' and 'lily' to get back together, which of course would mean doom to their kids who are currently a couple. man i'm old!
the show is like "mean girls" meets "cruel intentions" meets "the o.c."
the songs they feature aren't that bad either, so far they've gone through jt, fergie, timbaland and aqualung songs.

if you're bored and looking for new shows to watch i recommend that you tune in to these two on etc.

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