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Night at the Movies
Friday, January 19, 2007
Its been a while since I've done movie reviews and I miss doing movie reviews!
So I'm gonna go and do one while I'm in the mood...


I have yet to find a pic of Ben Stiller and a monkey in a slap-fight, which for me was one of the funniest moments in the film. I guess Ben Stiller being ripped apart by "The Huns" is the next best pic there is.
Night At The Museum is a kiddie film with a crappy "never quit!" moral but it has just enough physical comedy to keep us grown-ups (?) laughing. And it is so refreshing to see Robin Williams in a comedy again! I missed him! And as usual, Ben Stiller's better-half Owen Wilson is also in the movie.
I liked this movie coz its been a while since I've personally seen a movie that I enjoyed w/c is not based on a book or graphic novel or a remake of another movie.
It's the perfect one to see that would help you escape the horrors of reality even just for an hour and a half.


After seeing Steve Carrell in Bruce Almighty and 40-year Old Virgin it was difficult for me to absorb seeing him in a serious role, a gay, suicidal, formerly successful ex-professor. Weird. The movie was a drag for me at first but after a while things started to get interesting.
It was like the real life version of the Lemony Snickett books coz all of the characters go from one tragedy to another before reaching their ultimate goal...getting their youngest member, "Olive" to the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. They do get to the pageant, only for "Olive" to showcase a horrific talent (trust me, its one of those scenes that make you wince and laugh at the same time).
Cute ending though.
All in all, it was a case of family, no matter how insane, always sticks together.


Haven't seen this yet movie since it would just be shown next week unless of course I get my hands on an "advanced" (eh! who am i kidding? PIRATED!) copy of the movie. From the previews though it looks like something I'd like.
Its Will Ferrell! I dare you to show me a Will Ferrell movie that I wouldn't like!
Anyway, basically the movie is about 2 main characters, Emma Thompsons character, an out-of-ideas fiction writer who always ends up killing her main characters and Will Ferrells character, a neurotic, obssesive-compulsive, who, one day starts hearing Emma Thompsons voice in his head, narrating everything he does.
I don't really know the ending but I promise to blog about it when I do.

That's it for now!
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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
i'm screwed.

my chance to relieve myself from the torture and horror of my horrid job has finally arrived and i'm having second thoughts taking it.
i hate the fact that i'm actually having second thoughts!
this should be a no-brainer for me!
take the new position! period!
i just love my team so much (and i mean EVERYONE!) and i know for a fact that i will never ever have team mates like them... ever.
it's too bad that aside from me and my possible departure from my team, 2 of my other team mates will be leaving as well.

i'll miss you aileenbac and ciejay (?) - teka confirmed na ba to gasu?!

never in my life did i think that i'd be this attached to a whole group of people.

the mystery of human emotions.

i know that the new position would be good for me.
i know that it would challenge my brain once again.
i mean, finally! i'll get to use my brain again! i don't think i've used it since i graduated from college!

but still...

anyway, i have made up my mind. i just hope that i don't regret my decision...


grabe! ang hirap mabuhay sa mundo!!!

isa pa palang bwisit... HINDI PA RIN NAAALIS!!!

posted by dyeni @ 11:16 PM   1 comments
heto na naman...
Sunday, January 07, 2007

ala...un lang.
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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
ayan! nawawala-wala na! woohoo!
just a couple more days i guess.
sana mawala na ng tuluyan.
grabe! katangahan talaga! grrrrr...

yeniway, i did it!
never in my wildest dreams could i have imagined myself singing on a stage in front of people but i did just that a couple of days ago!
it was exhilirating! i knew i wasn't that great but considering the fact that it was my first time ever and that i despised all but one song that i was forced to perform, i think i did pretty good. :)

go rockstar: mystika! woohoo! hehe.

sana maulit ulit and sana this time i would actually like the songs that i get to sing. grabe! nakakaaliw lang yung fact that kahit for once in my life i got to be a part of a pseudo-band! i liked it. i really did. kung pwede lang siguro i could do that for the rest of my life. pero being in a pseudo-band won't pay for my expenses and most importantly...FOOD!

now, i don't usually make new years resolutions because i never push through w/ them anyway but what the hell...

my first resolution would be to get rid of the stupidity and kagagahan of what i've been going through for the past couple of days (like i said, malapit na matupad to. mwehehehe).

second is to learn more guitar chords and to learn how to switch from one chord to another w/out long pauses and cursing. i'm so tired of playing the only 3 songs i know (collide by dishwalla, creep and karma police by radiohead)!

third is to find a way to stop my officemate from mocking me and winning everytime we have a mockfest...nah! eto hindi talaga matutupad. i can feel it. i always lose!

anyway, i just hope this year wouldn't be so bad for me.
posted by dyeni @ 11:10 PM   0 comments
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